May 2004
Ty was given the honour of gracing the cover of
the Canadian Kennel Club's National
publication, Dogs In Canada magazine! Click
on the picture to see a bigger version and
July 2002
The New RX television crew featured Ty and
Kristen on the 6 o'clock news competing at the
Masters level in agility. Ty and Kristen gave an
interview, did some tricks, and then a portion of
their agility course was aired.!
August 2004
Dream was held in the arms of a news reporter
during a segment advertising the Grey Bruce dog
show. While the reporter talked about the dog
show, Dream affectionately licked her face.
August 2004
Ty and Kristen were featured in the Top
Obedience Dogs issue of Dogs in Canada
magazine. The accompanying article was
titled, "Making it to the top"
Joey was selected to appear in the 2006
Browntrout calendar. Joey is pictured on the
teeter totter by photographer Ralph Reinhold
during an agility training class. Joey is Mr.
July 2004
Our local newspaper, The Niagara Advance,
featured Ty and Kristen on the front page! The
accompanying article inside the paper was titled,
"Young breeder trains dog to win top awards"
October 2003 and 2004
My mom  was featured in the Welland Tribune newpaper
regarding the annual four day dog show that we organize
and host every year on Thanksgiving weekend.
My mom and I were on the front page of the Niagara This
Week newspaper and inside the Welland Tribune
newspaper for our annual dog show
Olga with
Soleil & Breeze
Olga with Joey
Ty is the Papillon model
for two stained glass
designs. Visit our
stained glass page to see
how you can get patterns
from the artist.