When I was a little girl, I begged my mom every year for a little female dog that I could
carry around and call my own. Jazzy was that little dog. She was the most perfect
princess I could have ever dreamed of. She was beautiful, graceful, affectionate, and had
the most gentle nature. Jazzy was a complete princess and my family and I spoiled her
from the day we got her, to the day we had to say goodbye. She had birthday parties
every year, christmas presents under the tree, halloween costumes, and tons of fancy
collars and coats. She had a fancy dog bed in every room of the house, and a special
seat for the car. She was a natural show dog and never had to be trained. The second
the show leash was put on her, she strutted her stuff like a seasoned pro! Jazzy exposed
me to a whole new world, and helped me fall in love with this wonderful breed and
hobby. Because of Jazzy, I experienced a sense of pride and accomplishment during a
time when I was unsure of myself. Jazzy was a reflection of me, and I was a reflection
of her. Jazzy helped me grow from a child to an adult. She was the little dog I dressed
up in doll clothes, then the dog that sat on the seat when I started driving, and then
the dog that slept by my books during my university studies. Although I expected to
have Jazzy longer than these 10 years, I realize that these 10 years were filled with
more joy, love and beautiful memories than most people experience in a lifetime. Jazzy
knew it was her time to go, and I know she would want me to continue on my path to
the next phase of my life with my head held high. Jazzy was a true angel and I was so
very blessed to have her in my life.
October 20th 1995 ~ June 27th 2006