My mom and I have owned Papillons since 1995, but I have been involved in the dog show hobby my whole life.  My mom has bred
and shown Giant Schnauzers since 1974.  I used to tag along at the dog shows and watch her show the Giants.  I really wanted a smaller
breed that I would be able to handle on my own.  After many years of anxiously waiting, my mom and I had the opportunity to buy Guy.  
Guy gave me the opportunity to really get involved with the dogs.  Here I was, and eleven year old, in the breed ring, then the group
ring and in the junior handling ring at noon.  Junior handling was a wonderful experience for me.  I learned so much from the older
handlers and before I knew it, I was more of a threat to them then they were to me.  Soon I was winning Best Overall and qualifying for
the finals competitions in Ontario.

    The Papillon was the perfect choice, these dogs are the centre of my world.  In 1999, I decided to explore another area of the dog
hobby.  Ty and I began obedience training, and then in 2001 we got hooked on agility also.  I am currently heavily involved in
conformation, obedience and agility! Lots of work..... but tons of fun! Since 1998, I have been the breeder/owner/handler of 14 Bluechip
champions, 2 Bluechip American champions, and Ty who is a champion in obedience, agility, and conformation. I have also had the
priviledge of showing Papillons for other breeders.  I feel honoured that these breeders have trusted me with their dogs to look after
them and show them to a Canadian championship.    

      My mother and I are members of both the American and Canadian National Papillon Clubs. We travel all over North America
exhibiting our dogs. My mother has recently retired from a 30 year career within the public school board, and I am currently a University
student. My mother is a licenced CKC conformation judge and has had the honour of judging dogs across North America. She is also a
chief tester for TTA (Temperament Testing Association), which is an organization that certifies dog temperaments. She travels all over
attending seminars on dog health, behaviour, structure, and training. I am so lucky to have such a great role model and mentor. My
mother and I are partners in the Papillons. Breeding and showing dogs is a hobby for us, not a business. We dedicate our lives to our
dogs and to volunteering for various clubs and organizations. It is the passion we have for our breed and our dogs, and the joy we
share with other people in this hobby that inspires us to continue breeding and exhibiting dogs.

      I have a select breeding program with puppies available on occasion to loving homes. We breed on a limited basis and each and
every breeding is carefully planned and cherished. My dogs are fully guaranteed and the parents have their health clearances and are
true to breed type and temperament. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy for a pet or a performance dog, you may contact me at and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Our first Papillon
Ranked #2 Conformation
Papillon in Canada in 1996
Joey in agility
American Kennel Club
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