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2 weeks old
12 weeks old
6 months old
   Teddy is my future rising star. From the very beginning I shared a special bond with this puppy and I knew he was going to be my next obedience and agility prospect. He has an amazing presence that just beams with energy, joy for life, and a willingness to please. He is hands down, the most athletic Papillon I have ever owned! He is also a wonderful snuggler and can often be found sleeping at my side while I am studying. I have been doing basic obedience training and agility foundations with him whenever I have a spare minute from my university studies . . . and he is doing wonderfully :) I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for us! I know we are going to have a blast!
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Song: "Teddy Bear"
11 months old
11 months old
1.5 years old
2.5 years old
Dance and Play like no one's watching!
Agility Training
Flying up the stairs...literally
On the a-frame in agility class
Working on our weave poles
On your mark, get set.....